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  • Apps for aid

    Picture of Ashleigh Lincoln, Chris Kuehl, Chris Ernt, Blake Howald and Sarah TheisenThanks to five undergradate students, humanitarian aid workers around the world will be able to communicate with disaster victims in their own languages.Learn More

  • On the Red Carpet

    Picture of Emily EhlertEmily Ehlert, a CLA senior has dreamed since childhood of working in the entertainment industry--as an actor, a director, a producer. This summer she seized an opportunity. Continue reading…

  • Building Bridges

    Student holding a video cameraUniversity of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication partners with local organizations to enhance student opportunities. New programs give students the opportunity to leave Murphy Hall with full portfolios and industry connections. Continue Reading…

  • The Right to Vote

    Graduate student Rob Stewart in the libraryA lot is up for grabs this November in America--the presidency of the United States, for one. But almost six million Americans will sit this one out because of something they've done. Continue reading…

  • Burial Rights

    Barbara Frey, director of the University's Human Rights Program.The Human Rights Program (HRP) has been working with Hmong families whose family gravesites have been desecrated in Thailand. Barbara Frey is HRP's director. Continue reading…


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