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Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Annual Reviews

2008-09 Reviews due May 11, 2009.

Please contact CLA Human Resources (612-624-9839) with questions about procedures or deadlines.

The College of Liberal Arts Annual Review form was developed by a committee established by CLA and AFSCME. The committee included bargaining unit, civil service, administrative, and faculty representatives. The form is based on the set of core values below. These values were drawn from employee survey comments and impressions as well as the workplace beliefs of the committee. They are not meant to be exclusive. We hope they provide useful background to the process.

  • Proceed from a positive approach, learning from success, assuming people want to do well, and supporting intrinsic motivation.
  • Promote problem solving by creating a work environment in which problems are easily discussed and mutually resolved, recognizing that an important aspect of problem solving is shared decision-making.
  • Promote collaborative working relationships, cooperating to achieve goals, and creating and maintaining an environment in which open communication is invited and fostered.
  • Recognize individual differences and changes in the work environment. Take into account the work to be done and the contributions that individual differences can provide to the job.
  • Recognize that learning is ongoing for everyone creating an environment in which people may identify and pursue development opportunities.
  • Recognize skills and contributions.

Preparation for Annual Review

  • Supervisor completes the demographics section.
  • Supervisor completes a brief description of department/unit.
  • Supervisor completes item number one in the Work Environment Changes and Evaluation section. (Supervisor may use the same description of the unit and the same description of the work environment changes for all reviews.)
  • Job description. You might have completed this section during the annual review process last year. If not, use the “Writing a Job Description” handout as a guide. This section can be completed by the employee, by the supervisor, or by the two working together, depending on the circumstances. Beginning with the most important Major Area of Responsibility, list each Major Area of Responsibility under the first bullet in the Job Description and Evaluation section of the Annual Review Form. Under each Major Area of Responsibility, list the related job duties. Describe the current average or satisfactory standard under the second bullet in the Job Description and Evaluation section of the form. Repeat the process until all Major Areas of Responsibility and average or satisfactory standards have been listed on the Annual Review form. Most positions will have 3-6 Major Areas of Responsibility. However, you are not limited to a specific number. If no current job description exists, use the “Writing a Job Description” handout as a guide (available on the CLA HR webpage). In subsequent years, this step will already be completed when the updated job description and evaluation section explained under “Completing the Process” is completed.
  • Employees have the right to provide their supervisors with names of individuals who can accurately evaluate certain duties the employee performs. Supervisors may also seek input from others for whom the employee works. The Employee Annual Review General Input Form is provided for this purpose. When used, input forms must be shared with the employee.
  • After completing the sections described above, the supervisor distributes the form to each employee and arranges for the annual review meeting.
  • In preparation for the meeting, the supervisor and employee review all sections of the form including the general input forms. Please feel free to bring notes, which might include a self-report of performance.

Annual Review Meeting Between Employee and Supervisor

  • Work Environment Changes and Evaluation
  • Item 1 - Discuss and record any additions to what the supervisor has provided.
  • Item 2 - The purpose of this discussion is to identify elements of the environment that promote or hinder the work of the unit. It's intended to be a big picture discussion, not a discussion focused on an individual employee.
  • Job Description and Evaluation - Discuss items 1 through 4 for each Major Area of Responsibility, review general input forms, and complete this section as instructed on the Job Description and Evaluation page.
  • Action Plan - complete the sections of the Action Plan, as appropriate.

Completing the Process

  • After the meeting, the supervisor completes the remainder of the form with additional input from the employee as necessary. Be brief but use the space you need. It's not necessary to limit responses to what will fit on a printed page.
  • If changes have been noted during the discussion between supervisor and employee in #s 3 or 4 of the Job Description and Evaluation section, prepare for the next review period by revising the job duties and expectations or adding new Major Areas of Responsibility. Both the employee and the supervisor should retain a copy.
  • Complete the Signature page.
  • Follow your unit's procedures for forwarding a completed and signed annual review to the CLA Office of Human Resources (212 Johnston Hall; 3774) and to central Human Resources (200 Donhowe; 3122). Keep copies for the employee and the unit.
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