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Current Graduate Students

Information for Graduate Students

The responsibilities of the CLA Graduate Programs office include:
  • Working with faculty, staff, graduate students, directors of graduate studies and other consultative bodies to enhance the excellence of the college's graduate programs and to ensure student success;
  • Serving as the college's liaison to other collegiate units with whom the college shares joint graduate programs;
  • Facilitating graduate program and accreditation reviews;
  • Enhancing the financial support for CLA graduate students and graduate programs;
  • Leading collegiate efforts to enhance the diversity of CLA's graduate students; and
  • Serving as the college's liaison to the Graduate School.

Policies and Program-specific Procedures

You can find education policies for graduate students in the Uwide Policy Library.

Contact your program or consult your program handbook for information on program-specific procedures for appointments to your committee, credit requirements, degree form, and selecting minors and supporting programs.

Graduate Student International Travel Requirements (PDF)
Information about requirements for Graduate Students traveling internationally for University purposes.

The Graduate School
The Graduate School is the administrative and support unit for most University graduate degree programs, including many professional degree programs offered by CLA departments.

CLA Graduate Degrees and Programs
List of graduate degrees and minor programs that are offered by the departments in the College of Liberal Arts.
CLA Departments and Majors
List of departments, majors and research centers housed in the CLA.
Information about the Arts and Sciences commencement for graduate students.
CLA Collegiate Fee (PDF)
Information about the CLA Collegiate Fee.


CLA Grants, Fellowships & Research Funding
This site provides links to internal and external funding sources, University research offices and services, and research tools for writing proposals and preparing budgets. CLA's Grants Support Team provides help with proposal and budget development and submission.
Diversity of Views and Experiences Fellowship (DOVE)
The DOVE fellowship is awarded to approximately 20 first-year students from under-represented groups (U.S. citizens or permanent residents).
CLA DOVE Summer Research Fellowship
This fellowship supports research partnerships between DOVE fellowship recipients and a CLA faculty member on a summer research project.
Graduate Research Partnership Program (GRPP)
GRPP is a graduate student fellowship program to that supports research partnerships between CLA faculty and students enrolled in CLA graduate programs.
Graduate School Funding Resources
Links to information on funding sources managed by the Graduate School.
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute CLA Teaching Fellows
The University's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers stipends to eligible graduate students enrolled in programs housed in CLA
Summer Tuition Benefits for Graduate Student Instructors and TAs
CLA pays tuition benefits for eligible graduate student instructors who hold summer appointments if they need to take a relevant course during the summer months.
University-wide Funding Resources
Links to a variety of funding sources available at the U of M.

Professional Development

Resources at the U of M
Career development, ethical conduct, teaching skills, learning and teaching technologies, writing resources, academic skills, career services, stress management.
Center for Teaching and Learning
The center provides resources for graduate students' professional development.
External Resources
Links to external resources on grant writing and funding.
Job Searching Resources
Resume, CV, cover letters, interviewing, jobs inside academe, jobs outside academe, general job searching tools.
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